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Supermarket Flex Gravity Roller Shelving System Beverage Pusher System Display Rack

Short Description:

Choose ORIO Roller Display Rack with large capacity, it can display many products with different size and save the labor time and cost, whole aluminium rack with long lifetime..

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Advantage for roller shelf rack

          1. Lower Angle : bottle and cans shelf display about 3-5 degrees to achieve sliding function
          2. 2. Advanced first in and first out : to reduce the loss of goods and increase the sales
          3. 3. Full display : the goods automatically move forward , improve the display effect and customer experience
          4. 4. Labor saving : reduce the handling time for at least 3 hours in one day
          5. 5. Save electricity : reduce the number of freezer openings at least 6 times in 1 day



Usage and Application for roller shelf rack

      1. Widely used  for different kindly of beverage , like plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, cartons and other fixed packaging goods,and used in Supermarket ,C-store ,Beer Cave ,liquid store and so on 

Function & Application

Roller shelf storage is used for various of beverage,plastic bottles and drink cans,it is widely used in

wind curtain cabinet, freezer, shelf equipment.


Characteristics for roller shelf rack

Product Name:

Roller Shelf Rack

Roller Tray Size

Customized as your size

Spare parts:

Wire divider: D3.0 , D4.0 , D5.0 available ,height can be custom


Front Board : Height 35MM , 70MM , 90MM or customize as your demands


Black or Grey White colour


Plastic +Aluminium

Application :

Supermarket  ,C-store ,Beer Cave ,liquid store and so on


No MOQ request.



About roller shelf rack

Roller shelf rack is made of various structures, such as PET top board,Aluminum frame,end cap,beads,beads plate,transparent front board,aluminium shelf rack,price tag trip,pilaster,hook,connection rod,pilaster fixed part. these structures are fixed firm and stable without shaking, customers can customize size and dividers can be customized height according their requirements


Company introduction

Guangzhou Orio Technology is located in Guangzhou,China with more than 13patents for our products,we have these certification such as CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO9001 ,ISO14000,we are exported to more than 40 countries in Asia,Europe,North America and South America,we have strict QC department,R&D,and profession service department,we can provide product with good quality and price for each customer.


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