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Vending Machine Gravity Roller Shelf System For Freezer

Short Description:

ORIO Gravity roller shelf can achieve product display shelf can be first-in first-on,and the back-end products wont miss the best date.

Product Detail

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Key Features

      • 1.Supermarket roller shelf uses the gravity of the commodity with the pulley function to automatically slide to the front end

        2. Cooler roller shelf can achieve the sliding function under the inclination of 3-5 ° angle with relatively high space utilization rate.


Usage & Application

  1. Suitable for different kindly of beverage, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, cartons and other fixed packaging goods.
  2. Widely used in individual retailer, supermarket department stores,freezer,air curtain cabinet.

Key Advantage

    1. All products can be automated front at all times
    2. Display clear and tidy,lower labor costs.
    3. Convenient customers to pick up,improves customer’s shopping experience and sales
    4. Save time management products and quickly integrate ever-changing shelf layouts.

Product Characteristics

Brand Name


Product name

Gravity Roller shelf System

Product Color

Black/offwhite/custom color

Product Material

Aluminium Frame + Plastic roller +Acrylic Front Board + Divider

Roller Track Size

50mm, 60mm or customized

Divider Material

Stainless Steel or Aluminium or  Iron

Divider Height

Normal 65mm for stainless steel and electroplated Iron

Aluminium Divider Height

22MM , 38MM , 50MM or Custom

Acrylic Front Board

Height 70MM or custom

Back Support Aluminium Riser

Keep 3-5 Degree for your demands


Automatic tallying,saving labor and cost






Widely used in retail for dairy products, beverages and milks etc

Product Keywords

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Under about 5 Degree tilt angle , the products use its own weight sliding automatically to the front end , Achieving auto-replenishment , the products always display in full stock .


About roller shelf

Roller shelf is made of aluminum alloy frame and single slide track with 50mm or 60mm width. the spacing can be adjusted flexibly according to the size of all goods. Aluminum or iron dividers and wire dividers can be chosen, custom different sizes as your demands.


Why choose Roller shelf from ORIO?

    1. ORIO is an integrated set of industry and trade company, Provide best quality with best price.
    2. ORIO company with strong R&D and service team, also have strict QC inspection.
    3. ORIO  to perfect the technology, perfect products and more complete services to meet customer demand.
    4. All products we have can be customized based on customers’ requirements.


CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO9001 ,ISO14000


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